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Camp Moorings offers an amazing range of camp activities for all our campers. From exploratory free time to planned programming, our staff is always there to ensure a fun and safe experience for all.  Get in touch to learn more about all our offerings.

Camp Activities

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Ready, Set, Go!

The academic offerings of the camp in Language Arts, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science are guided by the national curricula of the Ministry of Education, Technological and Vocational Training, for the various subjects and age groups.

Key concepts, which tend to challenge students, are chosen from the Mathematics and Language Arts syllabi and are introduced or reinforced as each participant’s needs mandate. Through problem-solving and reasoning, NOT drill and practice, participants are supported with a variety of manipulative to promote understanding and mastery of these various concepts.

Additionally, educational tours are selected to augment lesson plans and synchronize with classroom learning.

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Enjoy Pure Fun

The recreational offerings of the camp were chosen to promote a complementary balance to the academics; thus fostering the whole child. They not only promote life-skills; but also develop qualities such as independence, co-operation, respect, effective communication, creativity, confidence and a healthy self-esteem among other benefits.

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Memorable & Educational Experiences

Camp Moorings provides an opportunity to disconnect from the daily grind and enjoy exciting and novel activities away from the camp's base. Whether it’s a camper’s first experience with us or they’ve attended before, our Tours allow everyone to take the time to participate in exciting activities while creating unforgettable memories.

Meet the Staff

2019 Camp

At Camp Moorings, we are proud of our entire staff.
All members of our academic teaching staff are qualified, trained and experienced teachers who have established themselves in the teaching fraternity as stalwarts of best-practice. Thus, irrespective of a participant’s age;he/she will be paired with a professional who is not only knowledgeable about individuals’ various learning styles;

but who will creatively tailor instruction to cater to these styles and maximize learning opportunities. The complementing team of facilitators for the extra-curricular activities is comprised of individuals who epitomise teaching excellence in their respective fields. This, combined with their vast knowledge and experience, ensures that participants will have lots of fun while learning new skills.

Kevin Lashley

Program Director: Infants B

Kevin is returning to Camp Moorings for his second year as a facilitator. He has been a special-needs teacher for the last eight years. He has also been working with children and summer camps for more than ten years. His philosophy is, "If anything is worth doing, it's worth doing well." He loves working with children and helping them to reach their full potential. Kevin is eager to share in experiences with campers where they can have loads of fun while learning.

Reba Harewood

Program Director: Reception

A consummate educator, Miss Harewood is a recent retiree who cannot get enough of two of her first loves: children and teaching! Of her 44 years teaching, 9 were spent as Principal of Government Hill Nursery School. She believes that children can be taught at any age as long as you are kind, gentle and loving with them.

Cheryl Scott

Program Director: Class 3

Cheryl Scott has dedicated 13 years to the development and enhancement of students within her care. She graduated from The University of The West Indies with an Honours degree in Linguistics and Education and also holds a Distinction in Practice of Education (Diploma). Specialising in the preparation for Common Entrance; Miss Scott enjoys developing the comprehension and creative writing skills embedded in each child. It is her philosophy that each child can learn once he/she is equipped with the necessary tools. Teaching is never stagnant with Miss Scott! It is guaranteed that her classes are always fun-filled because she lets children be themselves as they engage in meaningful academic, social and emotional development.

Kirt Jordan

Program Director: Class 2

Kirt Jordan is a Trained Graduate Teacher with 17 years experience at the primary level in the public school system. He holds a Bachelor of Education degree in Curriculum Implementation and Development  (UWI) and Certificate in Teacher Training (Erdiston College). He is also a trained track and field coach (IAAF) and music performance coach.

Amaria Prempeh

Program Director: Infants A

Amaria Prempeh is an Early Childhood Educator who has committed her life to teaching for the last 18 years. She is a graduate of the University of the West Indies and received her Master’s degree from Wheelock College in Boston.  Amaria is not only a trained teacher; but also a trained educational leader. She enjoys working with young children to assist them with their goals of becoming confident, successful contributors to society.  Amaria is committed to excellence, fairness and changing the world one smile at a time.

Sasha Gill


Sasha Gill is an adventurous and fervid Early Childhood Educator. Her belief in every child’s ability to learn serves as the impetus for her commitment to education and fuels her to impel learners to strive to be the best that they can be.

External Facilitators

The complementing team of facilitators for the extra-curricular activities is comprised of individuals who epitomise teaching excellence in their respective fields.  This, combined with their vast knowledge and experience, ensures that participants will have lots of fun while learning new skills.

Rawle Francis

Furniture Rushing

Rawle Francis is a local artisan who has been rushing furniture for over half a century.  From preparation to finished product; he has mastered the techniques of this dying skill. Participants; 8 – 11 years old; will have the opportunity not only to learn this skill at his feet; but to have their finished piece as a memento of this indelible experience.

Teila Williams

Teila Williams is the Creative Director of Ayo Creative Ventures. She is a fluid dancer, creative choreographer, experienced actress and plus-size model who attended The Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination (EBCII) and received her training in Dance and Theatre. Her passion for the Performing Arts will be shared with participants 3 - 6 years old as they learn basic movement and rhythm, develop physical skills and express themselves imaginatively and creatively during her twice-weekly sessions with them.

Barracks Hill Stiltwalkers

Stilt-walking Facilitator

The Barracks Hill Stilt-walkers is arguably the cutest group of stilt-walkers found locally. The group, which has been in existence since 2013; is coordinated by Len Sehntwali and Michelle McComie. During the camp, Barbadian indigenous culture will be inculcated as participants learn the basics of stilt-walking with Uncle Len.

Raheem Walrond

Drumming Facilitator

Raheem Walrond is an award-winning drummer with more than a decade of experience performing nationally, regionally and internationally. A member of Haynesville Youth Club; he has studied drumology and will be facilitating workshops for interested participants in traditional African Drumming, Caribbean Folk and Tuk Band Drum.  Through his sessions, participants will be exposed to the physical and technical training in traditional African, Caribbean, Folk and Tuk-band rhythms.  Moreover; they will be sensitized to their African heritage while preserving elements of African and Barbadian culture.

Linda M. Deane

The Summer Storyteller

Linda M. Deane is a poet, editor, creative writing instructor and literary activist.  She is co-founder with Robert Edison Sandiford of ArtsEtc, a Barbadian publishing and cultural forum ( ), and co-editor of Shouts from the Outfield: The ArtsEtc Cricket Anthology. She is winner of two Frank Collymore Literary Endowments and a Governor General’s Award for Literary Excellence.  Her work appears in Caribbean and international publications including Bim, Cordite Poetry Review and Give The Ball to the Poet. Linda also writes for children and is a creative writing instructor in schools and communities and is known as The Summer Storyteller.   This year, she will be facilitating Camp Moorings' creative writing experiences with participants throughout the camp.

2019 Camp Fees

All prices are in Barbados dollars

Outlined below are costs for participation in our 2019 programme – Monday, July 15, 2019 through Friday, August 23, 2019

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Payment due by July 11, 2019

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Full-payment due by July 26th 2019

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